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DSG01/04 - Support - Setting up the ECP Parallel port

Setting your PC to ECP port mode is crucial to the operations of the DSG as it requires fast data transfer from the unit.

All PC and laptops higher than a Pentium 133 should have the options of setting this mode in the BIOS.

This mode is not a unique requirement to DSG as scanners, tape streamers... etc that are attached to the printer port require it.

The steps below are the general methods to change the LPT PORT mode for your PC or laptop.

N.B. Due to high data transfer rate, the parallel cable should not be too long or heavily filtered. Recommended length is 0.5 meters with some shielding.  Use the USB interface cable for longer cabling.


Step 1. Entering the PC or Laptop setup screen.

a). During the boot up process, while the computer is testing the RAM, along the bottom or top on the left hand side of the screen, there will be a short message stating - Press "THIS KEY" to enter setup. Where "THIS KEY" is usually Del, F1, F2, or sometimes F10. When you see this message, press "THIS KEY".

Step 2. Access the Parallel port mode setup.

a) Find the screen that lets you change the Parallel port mode. Look for the following on the main screen - (Integrated peripherals, Peripheral configuration, I/O ports, Input / Output Ports, and in some CMOS's, you must choose Advanced, and then look for the previous three). Use the arrow keys to navigate within the computer's CMOS and generally ENTER to select the item.

b) Find parallel port mode, sometimes also labelled Parallel Port type or LPT mode.

Step 3. Change the Parallel port mode.

We need to arrow down until we highlight the Parallel port mode box. There are generally three ways to change this value.

1) Press ENTER and a small menu will come up

2) Press the right arrow key or

3) Press the Page Down key.

The required value is ECP or ECP+EPP. If these modes are not available, try EPP or EPP 1.9 this may work.

Step 4. Save your changes.

There are generally three ways to save your changes. You will have to determine which way the your computer is.

1) Press 'F10' then 'Enter' on 'Yes I want to save my changes and exit' prompt.

2) Press Esc until you return to the first screen. On the first screen there will be an option that states 'Exit and Save'. Arrow down to this option and press the 'Enter' key.

3) Press Esc until a box opens up stating 'Do you want to save changes and exit?' Press 'Y' and 'Enter' to save your changes.