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DSG01 - Software


A demo version of the software is available. Please click here to download.

Easy to learn and simple to use, yet fully featured software. No pull down menus, instead all scope features are accessed via on screen buttons. Comprehensive display view controls allow portions of data to be selected and viewed easily. Captured data points can be displayed as they are or joined. Auto measurement of frequency and duty cycle of captured signal. Cursor measurements allow accurate readout of time, frequency and voltage values. Trigger values are also visually displayed and give quick and accurate settings. Trigger delayed view is available. Includes digital amplifications of 2X and 5X of captured signal and vertical scrolling of scope display.

Captured data can be saved or exported to spreadsheets and included in reports or printed as displayed.

Frequency spectrum analysis.. just click on the FFT button and the display changes to spectral frequency plots. Display can be expanded and scrolled horizontally as in scope mode.

Scope profiles can be saved for quick recall as needed. Ideal for quick setting up of test profiles of common experiments or test programs.

Waveform generation is easy. Just select type, style, frequency and hit ‘GO’. Custom wave can be designed in spreadsheets or as a text file and loaded into the signal generator.

Minimum PC specifications: 486 PC with 8 MB memory, ECP printer port and 10MB disk space. Supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

For a list of software features, click here.