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Infrared capture

An infrared capture and transmitter system can be constructed using three additional components and power supply.

The maximum buffer size of 32Kbytes (or 64K with DSG04) is the main limiting factor.

For consumer appliances remote e.g. TV, Hi-Fi, CD players etc... the ideal sampling rate is 200K samples/sec @ a buffer length of 32Kbytes. Therefore, only the 20Msps DSG01 model will be suitable for this application (Sampling length using 300KHz of a 30Msps DSG01 is insufficient).

In this application, the 40Khz remote control IR signal is sampled at 200KHz or 5 times the IR frequency. The schematic is shown below.

dsgir.jpg (23441 bytes)

DSG setup for remote control IR capture and transmitter.

1. Connect circuit as shown in the diagram

2. Set DSG to 1.2V range, 200KHz Samples/sec, single capture, Trigger mode, Trigger level at 0.7V and buffer length at 32K.

3. Click 'GO' and aim remote at sensor. If the input is setup correctly the IR signal will be captured. Make sure the captured amplitude is approximately over 1V peak to peak. If not, repeat step 3.

4. Select 'Generator' mode. Select 'Custom' mode and click 'UPDATE'

5. In the Update screen, click ' 'Copy Ch A signal' and wait for signal to be loaded.

6. Click 'Amp' button and select MAX amplitude.

7. If required the captured signal in Ch D can be saved.

7. Select 'GO' to transmit the captured IR signal continuously.

Using the above technique, Infra red signals and be captured, saved or modified and retransmitted.

If required, we can supply a pair of IR sensor and transmitter.

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