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Version 1.01 DSG software - Released version

Version 1.02 Updated to support enabling and disabling of individual channel. When a channel is turned OFF the channel data points are frozen but can still be selectively displayed. It will also prevent File Load operation to overwrite existing data. This feature can be used to selectively load saved waveforms for comparisons. 

Version 2.02 Updated to include FFT Spectrum Analyzer and some minor bug fixes from version 2.0

Version 2.03 Updated with separate scroll and magnification buttons for each scope channel.Custom signal in Generator Mode can now be cropped in length and amplified in magnitude. For example, a 0.3V pp captured scope signal can be copied to generator and amplified to a 2V pp signal. Trigger delay view added to allow live sample display at horizontal scroll position. This function is similar to trigger delayed view on analog scopes.

Version 2.04 Fixed bug in Scope and Generator mode cursor readout of version 2.03.

Version 2.05 Updated help file. Updated 'Save DSG Profile' to include channel scroll positions and magnifications. Fixed incorrect Trigger level display in magnification mode. Fixed intermittent 'Waiting for trigger' loop with some laptops.

Version 2.05a Updated to include variable duty cycle for fixed frequency square wave generation.

Version 2.05b Corrected trigger level value display when changing channel range.

Version 2.05e Added frequency and duty cycle display of trigger source signal.